The Wonder of Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardens offer tremendous benefits.  They tranform mundane, neglected surfaces into colorful and vibrant works of art.  Some of the coldest, meanest looking structures in a typical city would greatly benefit from a vertical gardening system.  Vertical gardens make people feel like they are a part of nature.  Not only are vertical gardens undeniably beautiful to anyone who appreciates nature, they require minimum maintenance when set properly set up. 


VertiGarden's Wall Mounted Gardening Kit


Transforming your environment with vertical gardens is pretty simple.  All you need is a vertical gardening system, plants, and some basic tools.  Be sure to select plants that are appropriate for the climatic conditions in your community.  Plants should be installed with enough room to allow the plants room to grow - approxamtely 30 plants per 40" square. Your vertical gardening kit may include the basic

There are a variety of vertical gardening systems.  Some are free-standing, while others are designed to be installed on vertical sufaces, such as walls or fences.  So depending on the type of vertical garden you want to install, the individual component of the system will vary.  A free standing vertical garden will consist of a base unit. which will allow the garden to stand upright. 



Attached to the base unit will be vertical cylineder or columns each containing interspersed plainting holes.  On the other hand, the wall vertical gardening systems will typically contain separate planting cells or plastic structures that hold your plants.  Additionally, the vertical wall gardeniing system will include a convenient system for attaching the cell units to a structure.  Available vertical garden accessories may include a frame and a watering system.

If you check around the internet, you should be able to find vertical garden products that will give you many vertical gardening ideas.