Pamela Crawford Container Garden

Pamela Crawford Border Column Kit



If you want to build a DIY container garden for purposes of making a flower sidewalk border, take a serious look at the Pamela Crawford Border Column Kit. This is a high quality kit made out of rot resistent Northern White Cedar, a wood that is widely used in outdoor furniture.  It comes in three different sizes, either a 14" Single Tier Basket Planter and Liner, the 16" Single Tier Basket Planter and Liner, or the 20" Double Tier Basket Planter and Liner.

Even if you are not planning on building a flower sidewalk, the Pamela Crawford vertical gardening kit can be used on an outdoor patio or on a front or back lawn. It is a free standing vertical planter that present your garden as a stand alone garden or it can be used to add contrast with planted ground garden.  You can find the Pamela Crawford gardening kit and many others at Vertical Gardening Systems.