How to Build A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens (also known as container gardens) are all the rage these days. They work well in small and large spaces alike. You can plant your garden on the interior or exterior of your home or business and instanly bring a refreshing (and living) sense of style. Another great thing about them is that they take up very little floor space, if any at all, because the plants grow vertically. Plus, with a vertical garden you get to see your plants up close and personal (at eye level) and you get to combine different types of plants in any combination that you like. Given all of these great benefits, one has to wonder why doesn't every gardener plant a vertical garden.

Well, I think the answer to the question is that many gardeners are not particularly fond of getting their vertical gardening ideas from the local Home Depot, and buying and assembling all of the parts needed to create a container garden from scratch. But I must tell you there is a fantastic way around this problem: a container gardening kit. With a gardening kit, you can easily build your own container garden within a few minutes, usually without using any tools.


Strawberry and Herb Planter



Just follow the vertical gardening kit instructions and installation will be easy as pie. These gardening kits often have been in irrigation and watering systems, which makes them easy and less expensive to maintain. You will find that these kits are customizable and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. For example, you can easliy make a free standing vertical garden that stands on the ground. Such a free-standing garden can be placed on an interior space, such as a foyer, or on an exterior space such as a patio. Alternatively, you can build a diy container garden on a wall or fence. There are even container gardens that grow inside frames (think of a picture frame with plants growing inside instead of photographs). The only limitation on your gardening creativity is your imagination.

So if you have been hesitant to build your own container garden because of the time commitment and complexity, gardening kits are likely a good option for you to consider. With a little effort and creativity you will discover that you really do not have any limitations on what you can create. You also find that these kits are quite an affordable solution, in addition to requiring little ongoing maintenance.