How to Build A Flower Tower Vertical Garden

flower tower freestanding vertical garden


Vertical gardens are a thing of beauty. They can make dull spaces charming and interesting. So taking the time to design and build a diy vertical garden is a worthwhile endeavor.


One of the easiest ways to go about doing this is by buding a diy Flower Tower. The flower tower freestanding planter does not require any tools and is simple to assemble and follow the included flower tower instructions. Once you have finshed assembling your flower tower kit, comes the fun part: selecting the flowers you want to plant. You should be able to assemble and plant your flowers in no time and enjoy the same results as someone who went through the trouble of building a home made vertical garden. 

Heres to enjoying your beautiful Flower Tower planter - cheers!  By the way, you can purchase a flower tower and many other different types of planters at Vertical Gardening Systems.