An Ideal Vertical Garden Planter: The Lechuza Cottage Trio


Lechuza Trio Cottage Vertical Gardening Kit


The Lechuza Cottage Trio is a versatile planter that is ideal for planting a vertical vegetable garden. An optionalal attachable trellis makes it great for growing vining vegetables, such as tomatoes.

A great feature of the Lechuza Cottage is its ease of maintanance. It has a sub irrigation system which holds and automatically distributes water throughout the vertical gardening system. Includes is a gauge that lets you know when additional water is required. The Lechuz has removable liners that make planting simple. The plant containers are mobile, which makes them ideal for pre-cultivation and over wintering.

You will also find that the Lechuza Cottage is a very versatile planter. Many gardeners use it to create a privacy screen or as a patio border. It's attractive, wicker design, which is available in tow colors, mocha and granite, makes it ideal for these uses.

You can find the Lechua and many other vertical gardening supplies online.