5 Fabulous DIY Vertical Gardening Kits

Vertical gardening kits are all the rage in gardening circles these days. We review our favorite vertical gardening kits below. 


1.  Flower Tower freestanding planter.


Flower Tower Free Standing


The Flower Tower freestanding planter combines simplicity with versatility.  The Flower Tower planter instructions are easy to follow.  The Flower Tower takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and requires no tools. So within just a few minutes any beginner gardener can create a beautiful blossoming vertical garden like the one depicted above. The Flower Tower stands stands a generous 3' tall.



2. Bright Green Living Wall Kit.


Bright Green Grovert


The Bright Green Living Wall Kit instantly brings vibrant life to any wall. Featuring 10 container gardening cells and a built in irrigation system, Bright Green planters are the perfect way to get started building a green wall. And the surrounding Grovert frame will only enhace the natural beauty of your plants.



3.  GeoPot Hanging Garden.


GeoPot Hanging Garden


Besides being extremely attractive, GeoPot is a breathable fabric plant container that facilitates plant growth by letting the plant roots "breath." Geopot reviews give big ratings to the GeoPot and it is viewed as a planter that is well suited for delicate plants and herbs.  


4.  Lechuza Trio Cottage

The Lechuza Cottage, measuring 39"L x 13"W x 13"H, is ideal for plainting vining vegetables or flowers. The Lechuzza comes complete wth a sub irrigation system and a water gauge for letting you know when additional watering is required. Lechuza's size and shape also makes it ideal for use own an outdoor patio, especially in an area where you want to create a privacy barrier. 

Lechuza Trio Cottage


5. Garden-Aire HugIt Planter (Garden-Aire Flexit Planter)


Garden-Aire HugIt

Customer reviews for the Garden-Aire Flexit Planter are almost non-existent for this innovative and new type of planter. What is undeniable is that the Grden-Aire is as cute as a button and requires practically no assembly. It comes with a strap that you simply fasten on any vertical pole.